Retailers Support FAQ

How Can I place an Order?
Method 1: Download our current product list in Excel fill it out and send it to us and we will invoice you.
Method 2: Just email us a list of what you want.

What are your terms?
We give a 45% discount to retailers and free shipping. Minimum order is $100. Right now we are setup to do Credit Card, Checks, Paypal.

Who are your distributors?
Click on the Distributors button above for a complete list.

If you don't have a catalog how can we see your products?
Method 1: Our online store button will take you to some pictures.
Method 2: Download our sell sheets in one zip file.
Method 3: Check our news section to see our release history.

Are you undercutting us in your online store?
We sell for full MSRP plus shipping so its always cheaper for your customers to order through you. The store allows people without a local store to get our products.



We have been forced to remove most of our flexi-cast latex hills from distribution. At this time only the Stone Altar Hills are available.